Friday, 7 October 2016

General Science - Physics -11

141. The phenomenon of splitting of light into its constituents:
(a) Diffraction                                      (b) Interference
(c) Refraction                                       (d) Disperson
Answer: (d)

142. Which light has the longest wavelength?
(a) Violet                                               (b) Green
(c) Blue                                                  (d) Red
Answer: (d)

143. Which light has the shortest wavelength?
(a) Blue                                                   (b) Violet
(c) Red                                                    (d) Yellow
Answer: (b)

144. The surface that absorbs all the colours in the spectrum will be seen as:
(a) White                                                (b) Black
(c) Violet                                                 (d) Red
Answer: (b)

145. The surface that reflects all the colours in the spectrum will be seen as:
(a) Red                                                    (b) Yellow
(c) White                                                (d) Black
Answer: (c)

146. What is the colour of light used in automobiles during snow fall?
(a) Red                                                    (b) Green
(c) Blue                                                   (d) Yellow
Answer: (d)

147. A red flower in blue light will be seen as:
(a) Black                                                  (b) Red
(c) Blue                                                     (d) Violet
Answer: (a)

148. The speed of light is ...... km/s
(a) 3 million                                            (b) 3 lakh
(c) 3 crore                                                (d) 30 million
Answer: (b)

149. In the equation, E=MC2, ‘C’ stands for:
(a) Velocity of sound                         (b) Acceleration due to gravity
(c) Velocity of light                             (d) Refractive index
Answer: (c)

150. Particles faster than light:
(a) Tachyons                                         (b) Photons
(c) Neutrons                                          (d) Protons
Answer: (a)

151. Speed of light is ...... maximum in:
(a) Vacuum                                          (b) Water
(c) Steel                                                 (d) Glass
Answer: (a)

152. Colour of soap bubble is due to:
(a) Disperson                                         (b) Interference
(c) Diffraction                                          (d) Refraction
Answer: (b)

153. Change of path of light when it enters from one medium to another:
(a) Interference                                      (b) Disperson
(c) Refraction                                          (d) Diffraction
Answer: (c)

154. Mirage is due to:
(a) Refraction                                           (b) Diffraction
(c) Disperson                                            (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

155. Study of light:
(a) Accoustics                                           (b) Optics
(c) Horology                                             (d) Orology

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