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General Science Zoology - 5

76. The organism than can move according to the magnetic force of the earth:
(a) Snake (b) Snail
(c) Frog (d) Millipede
Answer: (b)

77. The organism that spreads Elephantiasis:
(a) Culex mosquito (b) Anophelus mosquito
(c) Rat flee (d) Plasmodium
Answer: (a)

78. Which organism has the largest eye:
(a) Elephant (b) Giraffe
(c) Rhino (d) Giant squid
Answer: (d)

79. Which organism identifies taste using its legs?
(a) Spider (b) Butterfly
(c) Frog (d) Cockroach
Answer: (b)

80. Which organism does not move itself?
(a) Snail (b) Sloth
(c) Sponge (d) Sea Urchin
Answer: (c)

81. Which is known as ‘painted lady’?
(a) Spider (b) Butterfly
(c) Python (d) Beetle
Answer: (a)

82. Which organism is known as ‘friend of the farmer’?
(a) Rat (b) Earth worm
(c) Cow (d) Dog
Answer: (b)

83. The organism that eats its mate:
(a) Ant (b) Cockroach
(c) Crab (d) Spider
Answer: (d)

84. The largest insect:
(a) Cockroach (b) Rhinocerus Beetle
(c) Bug (d) Goliath Beetle
Answer: (d)
85. The animal that has chlorophyll:
(a) Raccoon (b) Euglina
(c) Paramecium (d) Sea Urchin
Answer: (b)

86. The respiratory organ of earth worm:
(a) Skin (b) Book lungs
(c) Gills (d) Lungs
Answer: (a)

87. Insect without wings:
(a) Beetle (b) Bug
(c) House fly (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

88. The chemical used by insects for communication:
(a) Auxins (b) Toxins
(c) Pheramones (d) Acids
Answer: (c)

89. The number of legs of a Crab:
(a) 4 (b) 6
(c) 10 (d) 8
Answer: (c)

90. Cultivation of Bees:
(a) Cericulture (b) Horticulture
(c) Vermiculture (d) Apiculture
Answer: (d)

91. The number of legs of an Ant:
(a) 6 (b) 4
(c) 8 (d) 10
Answer: (a)

92. The number of legs of a snail:
(a) One (b) 2
(c) 3 (d) 4
Answer: (a)

93. The colour of the blood of Cockroach:
(a) Green (b) Red
(c) Blue (d) Colourless
Answer: (d)

94. Contracting vacoule is the excretory organ of:
(a) Amoeba (b) Paramecium
(c) Euglina (d) Sulphur Bacteria
Answer: (a)

95. The number of pairs of wings of a Cockroach:
(a) 2 (b) 3
(c) 4 (d) 5
Answer: (a)

96. Anthrax is caused by:
(a) Virus (b) Bacteria
(c) Fungus (d) Plasmodium
Answer: (b)

97. The causative organism of Malaria:
(a) Plasmodium (b) Anophelus mosquito
(c) Bacteria (d) Virus
Answer: (a)

98. Periplaneta americana is the scientific name of:
(a) Frog (b) Cockroach
(c) Bed bug (d) Lice
Answer: (b)

99. Which is known as ‘Slipper animal cule’?
(a) Bacteria (b) Ameoba
(c) Paramecium (d) Sponge
Answer: (c)

100. The respiratory organ of spider:
(a) Book lungs (b) Gills
(c) Skin (d) None of these
Answer: (a)
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