Tuesday, 29 December 2015

General Science Biology-1

1. Who is called Father of Genetics?
A. Salk B. Mendel
C. Linnaeus D. Hugo de vries
Answer:( b)

2. Mycology is the study of
 A. Virus                           B. Hydrilla
 C. Rhizobium                   D. Fungi
Answer:( d)

3. Largest number of Eucalyptus species is found in
A. Australia                          B. Pakistan
C. Burma                             D. New Zealand
Answer:( a)

4. Fixation of nitrogen in the soil
 A. virus                             B. fungi
C. bacteria                  D. protozoa
Answer:( c)

5. Who discovered nucleus?
 A. Albert                              B. Newton
C. Robert Brown                 D. Robert Hooke
Answer:(c )

6. What is the name of the botanical name of paddy?
A. Solanum nigrum                 B. Eleusine coracana
C. Oryza sativa                           D. none of these
Answer:(c )

7. Polio is caused by
A. virus                       B. bacteria
C. insect                      D. fungus
Answer:(a )

8. Clove is obtained from
A. root                       B. stem
C. leaves                   D. flower buds
Answer:( d)

9. Which one of the following is responsible for converting milk into curd?
A. virus                       B. bacteria
C. fungi                       D. none of these
Answer:(b )

10. The richest source of vitamin D is
A. milk                          B. cheese
C. cod liver oil              D. spinach
Answer:(c )

11. Which one of the following is not a mosquito borne disease?
A. Malaria B. Filariasis
C. Dengue fever D. sleeping sickness
Answer:(d )

12. The tallest living tree is
A. palm tree                       B. sequoia
 C. tree fern                        D. eucalyptus
Answer:( b)

13. Pollination of birds is known as
 A. embryophily                          B. entomophily
 C. hydrophily                       D. ornithophily
Answer:(d )

14. Pulses contain large amount of
A. fat                           B. water
C. proteins                   D. carbohydrate
Answer:(c )

15. Which plant was used by Mendel in his early experiment?
 A. orange                       B. pea plant
C. banana                     D. brinjal
Answer:( b)
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