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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

General Science Chemistry-1

1.The gas formed when Potassium permanganate is heated:
(a) Nitrogen (b) Oxygen
(c) Hydrogen (d) Ammonia
Answer: ( b)

2. The pungent smell emitted while scratching the match box:
(a) Oxygen (b) Hydrogen sulphide
(c) Methane (d) Sulphur dioxide
Answer: ( d)

3. The gas formed in Sun as the result of nuclear fusion:
(a) Oxygen (b) Hydrogen
(c) Methane (d) Helium
Answer: (d )

4. What is the colour of ozone:
(a) Yellow (b) Orange
(c) Blue (d) Red
Answer: (c )

5. Which metal is called ‘White Gold’?
(a) Mercury (b) Silver
(c) Iron Sulphide (d) Platinum
Answer: (d )

6. Which metal has the symbol ‘Hg’?
(a) Hydrogen (b) Iron
(c) Aluminium (d) Mercury
Answer: ( d)

7. The metal used to make the nib of fountain pens:
(a) Silver (b) Aluminium
(c) Lead (d) Iridium
Answer: (d )

8. The name ‘Aurum’ is related to the metal:
(a) Tungsten (b) Osmium
(c) Gold (d) Iridium
Answer: ( c)

9. The substances added to ore to remove impurities is called:
(a) Gang    (b) Flux
(c) Aqua regia (d) Alloy
Answer: ( b)

10. Which is known as ‘the metal of hope’?
(a) Titanium (b) Uranium
(c) Silver (d) Platinum
Answer: (b )

11. Which one of the following can be used to absorb neutrons to control the chain reaction during nuclear fission?
(a) Boron (b) Heavy water
(c) Uranium (d) Plutonium
Answer: (a )

12. The colour of pure diamond:
(a) Red   (b) Blue (c) Green (d) Colourless
Answer: ( d)

13. When water itself combines chemically with some element or mineral is called:
(a) Carbonation (b) Desilication
(c) Hydration (d) Oxidation
Answer: (c )

14. Who formulated the system of pH value?
(a) Lavosier (b) Pasteur
(c) Dalton (d) Sorenson
Answer: (d )

15. Bronze is an alloy of Copper and ......
(a) Tin   (b) Zinc  (c) Lead   (d) Nickel

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