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General Science Zoology-1

1. Genetic Engineering belongs to the science of ——:
(a) Biology      (b) Zoology           (c) Botany     (d) Bio-technology
Answer: (d)

2. The fat content of cow milk is reduced during:
(a)Rainy season  (b) Winter    (c) Summer  (d) Pregnancy
Answer: (c)

3. The state of animal dormancy during summer:
(a) Aestivation  (b) Hibernation   (c) Venation     (d)  Migration
Answer: (a)

4. In human body the structure to which appendix is attached:
(a)Liver      (b) Small intestine       (c) Large intestine      (d) Pancreas
Answer: (c)

5. In mammals, the embryo develops within the specialised part of the oviduct known as:
(a)Ovisac         (b) Yolk sac          (c) Vagina            (d) Uterus
Answer: (d)

6. The hormone which regulates Calcium and Phosphate in human body: (a)Parathyroid hormone                    (b) Insulin
(c) Glucagon                                        (d) ADH
Answer: (a)

7. A skin softener used in cosmetics, obtained from sheep is:
(a)Castor oil            (b) Lonolin     (c) Olive oil         (d)  None of these
Answer: (b)

8. The terms hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia are related to which among the following?
(a)Body fat                                                             (b) Blood sugar
(c) Metabolism of sugar galactose                (d) Respiration
Answer: (c)

9. Skin works as a respiratory organ in which of the following organisms?
(a)Cockroach            (b) Frog        (c) Whale               (d) Dog Fish
Answer: (b)

10. Presence of which among the following salts in water causes ‘blue baby syndrome’?
(a) Sulphate      (b) Chlorides         (c) Carbonates          (d) Nitrates
Answer: (d)

11. Schizophernia is an example of:
(a)Allergy                                             (b) Mental illness
(c) Degenerative disease               (d) Contagious disease
Answer: (b)

12. The web of the spiders made up of:
(a)Carbohydrates and proteins                     (b) Polysacchirides
(c) Proteins                                                          (d) Lipids
Answer: (c)

13. Bile is secreted by which of the following cells?
(a)Brown fat cells    (b) Hepatocytes    (c) Lymphocytes   (d) Somatocytes
Answer: (b)

14. Blood plasma with which among the
following is called serum?
(a)Thrombin      (b) Fibrin             (c) Fibrinogen               (d) Collagen
Answer: (c)

15. The acid present in nucleic acid is:
(a) Phosphoric acid                                (b) Nitric acid
(c) Benzoic acid                                    (d) Sulphuric acid
Answer: (a)
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