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General Science - Physics -1

General Science - Physics  (Questions and Answers) 
Chapter -01
1. Bardeen and Shockley are related to the invention of:
(a) Transformer (b) Tank
(c) Transistor (d) Vacuum cleaner
Answer: ( c)

2. Father of modern cinema:
(a) David Griffith (b) Lumiere Brothers
(c) Spielberg (d) Walt Disney
Answer: (a)

3. The theory of ........ was corrected by Heliocentric theory of Copernicus:
(a) Galileo (b) Ptolemy
(c) Kepler (d) Herschel
Answer: (b )

4.. One Acre =.......Hector
(a) 2.50  (b) 0.404   (c) 0.25  (d) 0.825
Answer: (b )

5. Unit of resistance:
(a) Mho   (b) Ohm  (c) Hertz  (d) Dyne
Answer: (b )

6. Amount of water in the atmosphere is known as:
(a) Density (b) Gravity
(c) Humidity (d) Humus
Answer: (c )

7. What is known as the king of inventions?
(a) Steam engine (b) Car
(c) Atom Bomb (d) Nuclear fission
Answer: (a)

8. What is the voltage of electricity produced in power stations:
(a) 11KV  (b) 110KV  (c) 230 V (d) 110 V
Answer: (a )

9. Element used by India for Pokran explosion:
(a) Thorium (b) Uranium
(c) Plutonium (d) Polonium
Answer: (c )

10. Solar energy is received by the earth through:
(a) Radiation (b) Conduction
 (c) Convection  (d) Refraction
Answer: (a )

11. The force keeping the planets in a regular orbit is:
(a) Electrostatic (b) Magnetic
(c) Gravitational (d) Nuclear
Answer: ( c)

12. If a conductor is touched by hand, the charge would leak to:
(a) Body of man (b) Only to the hand
(c) Earth   (d) the charge will not leak
Answer: (c )

13. Which of the following rays has the highest penetrating power?
(a) Gamma rays (b) Beta rays
(c) Alpha rays (d) X-ray
Answer: (a )

14. The USA launched ‘Chandra’ in memory of:
(a) J.C.Bose
(b) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
(c) Hem Chandra Das
Answer: (d )

15. In a refrigerator, cooling is produced by:
(a) the ice which deposits on the freezer
(b) the evaporation of a volatile liquid
(c) the sudden expansion of a compressed gas
(d) None of the above
Answer: ( c)

16. Who discovered the infrared rays in sunlight?
(a) William Herschel (b) Clyde Tombaugh
(c) Galileo (d) ECG Sudarshan
Answer: (a )

17. Who discovered the Analytical engine?
(a) Blaise Pascal (b) Rae Tomlinson
(c) Charles Babbage (d) Edison
Answer: ( c)

18. India launched its first rocket in:
(a) 1960  (b) 1961 (c) 1962  (d) 1963
Answer: ( d)

19. Who discovered natural radioactivity?
(a) Henri Becquerel (b) Edison
(c) Newton (d) Max Plank
Answer: (a )

20 ........ is formulated by Max Plank:
(a) Quantum theory      (b) Wave Theory
(c) Corpuscular theory (d) Electromagnetic theory
Answer: ( a)

21. Thermopile is used to:
(a) Measure electric current
(b) Measure potential difference
(c) Detect the pressure of heat radiation
(d)  None of the above
Answer: (c )

22. The first computer virus:
(a) Kabir (b) Firewall (c) Norton (d) Elk Cloner
Answer: ( d)

23. The density of air is:
(a) 10.3 kg /cubic metre
(b) 1.3 kg /cubic metre
(c) 100.3 kg /cubic metre (d) 3.1 kg /cubic metre
Answer: ( b)

24. Who is known as ‘the father of personal computer’?
(a) Charles Babbage
(b) Henri Edward Roberts
(c) Alan Turing
 (d) Edgar Rice Boroughs
Answer: (b )

25. A tennis ball will bounce:
(a) Higher on hills than on plains
(b) Higher on plains than on hills
(c) Equally on hills and plains
(d) Higher either on hills or on plains depending upon the ground friction.
Answer: (a )

26. Which physical quantity has the unit Kilowatt-hour?
(a) Light (b) Energy
(c) Temperature (d) Distance
Answer: (b )

27. Select the unit which is not a fundamental unit?
(a) meter (b) Kilogram
(c) second (d) Joule
Answer: (d )

28. In which direction does the rainbow appear in the morning?
(a) East (b) South
(c) West (d) North
Answer: ( c)

29. Which particle is also known as God’s particle?
(a) Gravitons (b) Fermions
(c) Higgs Bosons (d) Electrons
Answer: ( c)

30. Light Year is the unit of
(a) Year (b)Energy
(c) Time (d) Distance
Answer: ( d)

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