Tuesday, 29 December 2015

General Science - Physics -1

1. Bardeen and Shockley are related to the invention of:
(a) Transformer (b) Tank
(c) Transistor (d) Vacuum cleaner
Answer: ( c)

2. Father of modern cinema:
(a) David Griffith (b) Lumier Brothers
(c) Spielberg (d) Walt Disney
Answer: (a)

3. The theory of ........ was corrected by Heliocentric theory of Copernicus:
(a) Galileo (b) Ptolemy
(c) Kepler (d) Herschel
Answer: (b )

4.. One Acre =.......Hector
(a) 2.50  (b) 0.404   (c) 0.25  (d) 0.825
Answer: (b )

5. Unit of resistance:
(a) Mho   (b) Ohm  (c) Hertz  (d) Dyne
Answer: (b )

6. Amount of water in the atmosphere is known as:
(a) Density (b) Gravity
(c) Humidity (d) Humus
Answer: (c )

7. What is known as the king of inventions?
(a) Steam engine (b) Car
(c) Atom Bomb (d) Nuclear fission
Answer: (a)

8. What is the voltage of electricity produced in power stations:
(a) 11KV  (b) 110KV  (c) 230 V (d) 110 V
Answer: (a )

9. Element used by India for Pokran explosion:
(a) Thorium (b) Uranium
(c) Plutonium (d) Polonium
Answer: (c )

10.Solar energy is received by the earth through:
(a) Radiation (b) Conduction
 (c) Convection  (d) Refraction
Answer: (a )

11. The force keeping the planets in a regular orbit is:
(a) Electrostatic (b) Magnetic
(c) Gravitational (d) Nuclear
Answer: ( c)

12. If a conductor is touched by hand, the charge would leak to:
(a) Body of man (b) Only to the hand
(c) Earth   (d) the charge will not leak
Answer: (c )

13. Which of the following rays has the highest penetrating power?
(a) Gamma rays (b) Beta rays
(c) Alpha rays (d) X-ray
Answer: (a )

14. USA launched ‘Chandra’ in memory of:
(a) J.C.Bose
(b) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
(c) Hem Chandra Das
Answer: (d )

15. In a refrigerator, cooling is produced by:
(a) the ice which deposits on the freezer
(b) the evaporation of a volatile liquid
(c) the sudden expansion of a compressedgas
(d) None of the above
Answer: ( c)
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