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61. Excretory products of mammals are useful to plant s. Which of the following is not a p art of such secretions?
(a) Bile pigment s (b) Mineral salt s
(c) Carbon dioxide (d) Urea
Answer: (b)

62. Molasses are a
(a) By-product of fertiliser industry
(b) Synthetic commodity
(c) By-product of edible oil industry
(d) By-product of sugar industry
Answer: (d)

63. A flaming splinter is thrust into a bottle of oxygen, a bottle of nitrogen, and a bottle of carbon dioxide. The flame will go out in
(a) Nitrogen and carbon dioxide but not in oxygen
(b) Oxygen and nitrogen but not in carbon dioxide
(c) Oxygen and carbon dioxide but not in nitrogen
(d) Each case
Answer: (a)

64. The phases of the moon are partially the result of the
(a) Changes in the shape of the moon
(b) Revolution of the moon about the earth
(c) V ariations in the moon’s gravit ation
(d) Variation in the speed of rot ation of the moon
Answer: (b)

65. The statutory warning "Cigarette smoking is injurious to health''that appears on cigarette p acket is based on the finding that
(a) Tobacco plant suffers from mosaic virus disease which is communicated by smoking
(b) Smoking and drinking cause mystery diseases
(c) Lung and oral cancer are more common among smokers than non-smokers
(d) More smokers stif fer from diabetes than non- smokers
Answer: (c)

66. Which of the following processes does not increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the air?
(a) Breathing (b) Decay of vegetation
(c) Petrol buming (d) Photosynthesis
Answer: (d)

67.Which of the following processes is unsuit able for softening water possessing temporary hardness?
(a) Boiling                  (b) Filtration
(c) Adding calcium hydroxide (d) Distillation
Answer: (c)

68. A green leaf is p artially covered and placed in the light for several days. If it is then boiled and tested for st arch with iodine, what will be the result?
(a) Starch will be found only in the p art of the leaf exposed to light
(b) A Starch will be found in the entire leaf
(c) Starch will be found only in the shaded p art of the leaf
(d) Starch will not be found in the leaf at all
Answer: (a)

69. All of the following glands in the human body are ductless glands, except
(a) Adrenal (b) Pituitary
(c) Lachrymal (d) Thyroid Answer: (c)

70.A body that is falling freely from a height (no air resistance) under the influence of gravity --------------
(a) Falls about 32 ft. during each second
(b) Increases it s speed by about 32 ft/sec. during each second it falls
(c) Falls about 32 f t. during the first second after it starts to fall from rest
(d) Will increase it s speed more during the fifth second of fall than during the first second
Answer: (b)

71. A difference between a compound and a mixture is that a compound
(a) (Is composed of molecules whereas a mixture is not
(b) Is much more easily broken down into its component elements than a mixture
(c) Is always solid" whereas a mixture may be a liquid, a solid, or a gas
(d) Always has the same composition whereas a mixture does not
Answer: (d)

72. A person, who met with an accident, was partially paralysed and lacked a sense of feeling after treatment. Which apart of the nervous system was affected by the accident?
(a) The left cerebral hemisphere was damaged
(b) The spinal cord seemed damaged
(c) The olfactory lobes seemed to have become defective
(d) The coulometer nerve seemed damaged
Answer: (b)

73. On a cool and wet day a large quantity of dilute urine is passed out by most people. This is because
(a) The body temperature also decreases, resulting in the formation of more quantity of urine
(b) The body absorbs less water when the temperature is low
(c) There is reduced loss of water through sweat
(d) Retentive power of bladder decreases ‘on account of contraction
Answer: (c)

74. Through which of the following media does light travel fastest?
(a) Vacuum (b) Water
(c) Glass (d) Air
Answer: (a)

75. Excessive intake of polished rice causes deficiency of
(a) Vitamin A (b) Vitamin B
(c) Vitamin D (d) Vitamin K
Answer: (b)

76.The white blood cells, which play a very import ant role in protecting the body against disease-producing organisms
(a) Are larger in size and fewer in number than the red blood cells
(b) Have the same size but are fewer in number than the red blood cells
(c) Are larger in size and have nearly the same number as the red blood cells
(d) Have the same size and the same number as the blood cells
Answer: (a)

77. Which of the following is essential for the plant s to help them in the formation of chlorophyll?
(a) Calcium V (b) Magnesium
(c) Potassium (d) Phosphorus
Answer: (b)

78. What is the range of heart beat of a normally healthy person per minute?
(a) 90 - 100 times (b) 80 - 90 times
(c) 70 - 80 times (d) 60 - 70 times
Answer: (c)

79. A solid piece of iron sinks in water but float s in mercury. This is because the
(a) Average density of water and mercury is less than that of iron
(b) Density of iron is less than that of water as well as mercury
(c) Density of iron is more than that of water as well as mercury
(d) Density of iron is more than that of water but less than that of mercury
Answer: (d)

80. In a normal healthy body, the number of red cells or erythrocytes in each cubic millimetre of blood is
(a) 40 lakhs (b) 50 lakhs
(c) 60 lakhs (d) 70 lakhs
Answer: (b)

81. The average life of a red blood cell in the body is about
(a) 95 days (b) 105 days
(c) 115 days (d) 130 days
Answer: (c)

82. The red blood cells originate in the
(a) Bone marrow (b) Brain
(c) Ligaments (d) Muscles
Answer: (a)

83. The amount of hemoglobin present in blood is about 15 gm per 100 ml. blood and this amount is usually called'l00 percent’. What percent age is considered normal?
(a) 70 per cent (b) 80 per cent
(c) 85 per cent (d) over 90 per cent
Answer: (d)

84. Which of the following is used as a preservative of food articles?
(a) Sodium benzoate (b) Sodium bicarbonate
(c) Sodium carbonate (d) Sodium chloride
Answer: (a)

85. The luster of diamond is due to
(a) Reflection (b) Tot al internal reflection
(c) Refraction (d) it’s being the purest form of carbon
Answer: (b)

86. Milk in natural form has a certain amount of sugar. This sugaris called
(a) Glucose (b) Fructose
(c) Lactose (d) Sucrose
Answer: (c)

87. 'Simulation of blood’ in the body was discovered by
(a) Joseph Lister (b) Robert Hooke
(c) Jonas Salk (d) William Harvey
Answer: (d)

88. Which of the following is a source of ready energy that an athlete can use after strenuous exercises?
(a) Glucose (b) Milk
(c) Sucrose (d) Tomato soup
Answer: (a)

89. DNA is
(a) Acetic acid (b) Citric acid
(c) A class of nucleic acids  (d) An enzyme
Answer: (c)

90. Rust is a disease which affects s wheat. It is caused by
(a) Bacteria (b) Fungi
(c) Virus (d) None of the above
Answer: (b)
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