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Thursday, 11 February 2016


18 Recently discovered non-leguminous nitrogen fixing bacteria
Answer: Acatobacter paspali

19. S plit genes are discovered by
Answer: Sharp & Robertis

20. Largest organell of a plant cell-
Answer: Vacuole

21. Amino acid known as bacterial  aminoacid –
Answer: Diamino pimelic acid

22. Rephano brassica is an example for –
Answer: allopolyploid

23. Type of RNA having least secondary structure-
Answer: mRNA

24. One mole of glucose yield how many kilojoule of energy-
Answer: 2868KJ(686 k cal)

25. The absorption band shown by chlorophyll in violet –
Answer: blue regionSoret band

26. Late blight of potato is caused by-
Answer: phytophthora infestans

27. Which plant is called water fly trap-
Answer: Aldrovanda

28. Queen of essantial oil-
Answer: Rose oil

29. Gymnosperm having single ovule in a female cone-
Answer: Taxus

30. Damping off seedling is due to the fungi-
Answer: Pythium debaryanum

31. Intra nuclear mitosis is know as –
Answer: karyochoresis

32. The structure that is produced by the p arasitie fungi to adhere to the host cell-
Answer: Appresorium

33. Heterothallism was first reported in mucor by-
Answer: Blakslee

34. W art disease of Potato is caused by-

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