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Thursday, 11 February 2016


35. A  flurascent dye used to st ain DNA-
Answer: Ethydium Bromide

36.  Which is the smallest virus-
Answer: Foot & mouth virus

37. An eight celled cubical shaped bacteria-
Answer: Sarcinia

38. An out growth from the surface of seed having large oil storing,cells which are help ful in seed dispersal-
Answer: Elaiosomes

39. The linkage in starch is ------
 Answer: glucosidic linkage

40.The railway sleepers are made from-
Answer: Cedrus deodar

41. Sudden appearance of ancesstral charectors in resent day organisms is called-
Answer: Atavism

42. First isolated restriction endonuclease is-
Answer: Hind-II

43. Darwinism was published in the year-
Answer: 1859

44. DNA formed from RNA by riverse transcription-
Answer: cDNA

45. A Part of DNA which codes for a single polypeptide chain-
Answer: Cistron

46. Father of plant physiology-
Answer: Stephen Hales

47. The chemical which blocks PQ binding site of P.S.II-
Answer: DCMU

48. The simplest biological light energy transducer-
Answer: Bacteriorhodopsin

49. Reagent used in RNA extraction is –
Answer: Guanadinium thiocyanate

50.The basepairs present in one turn of A  DNA-

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