Thursday, 10 November 2016

General Science Chemistry- 14

238. The element which is seen in the rocks of moon:
(a) Titanium                     (b) Platinum
(c) Uranium                      (d) Nickel
Answer: (a)

239. Which element has the highest electropositivity?
(a) Francium                     (b) Caesium
(c) Flourin                          (d) Chlorine
Answer: (a)

240. Cobalt  ions give ...... colour to glass:
(a) Green                           (b) Red
(c) Blue                              (d) Purple
Answer: (c)

241. Which is not a constituent of Sugar?
(a) Nitrogen                       (b) Carbon
(c) Oxygen                          (d) Hydrogen
Answer: (a)

242. Which metal plays a key role in the synthesis of proteins?
(a) Sodium                              (b) Magnisium
(c) Calcium                             (d) Iron
Answer: (b)

243 Marsh Test determines the presence of:
(a) Sulphur                             (b) Arsenic
(c) Carbon                               (d) Sodium
Answer: (b)

244. Which of the following is a common constituent of Transistor?
(a) Beryllium                          (b) Iron
(c) Copper                                (d) Germanium
Answer: (d)

245. Frederic Wohler made urea from........
(a) Ammonium chloride             (b) Ammonium Carbonate
(c) Ammonium Oxide                  (d) Ammonium cyanate
Answer: (d)

246. The catalyst used for the manufacture of Ammonia:
(a) Silver                                  (b) Sodium Chloride
(c) Iron                                     (d) Gold
Answer: (c)

247. Which one of the following is the result of Green House Effect?
(a) Acid rain                               (b) Ozone depletion
(c) Air pollution                          (d) Global warming
Answer: (d)

248. The whitest substance:
(a) Topaz                                      (b) Diamond
(c) Marble                                     (d) Titanium dioxide
Answer: (d)

249. Which element has the second highest capacity for oxidation?
(a) Iron                                            (b) Oxygen
(c) Mercury                                    (d) Oxygen
Answer: (d)

250. Dow process is used for the extraction of:
(a) Iron                                             (b) Calcium
(c) Sodium                                        (d) Magnisium
Answer: (d)

251. The second most ductile element:
(a) Copper                                           (b) Iron
(c) Tungsten                                      (d) Silver
Answer: (c)

252. Which metal is contained in Insulin?
(a) Zinc                                               (b) Magnisium
(c) Lithium                                          (d) Barium

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