Monday, 10 September 2018

Natural Science: Questions & Answers - 01

1. BCG Vaccine is used to prevent: 
Answer: Tuberculosis 

2. Which is known as 'growth gland': 
Answer: Pituitary 

3. The first effective vaccine against polio was discovered by: 
Answer: Jonas E Salk 

4. Which gland is situated very near to kidney: 
Answer: Adrenal 

5. Suprarenal gland is another name of : 
Answer: Adrenal 

6. Where is lateral ventricles can be seen in human body:
Answer: Brain 

7. Substance produced in human body while suffering from allergy of pollens: 
Answer: Histamin 

8. Which is the basic structural and functional unit of nervous system: 
Answer: Neuron 

9. The most abundant blood group: 
Answer: O+ 
10. The rarest blood group: 
Answer: AB negative 

11. Hysterectomy is the removal of: 
Answer: Womb 

12. Which vitamin is also known as Cobalamin: 
Answer: B12 

13. Length of human elementary canal is ......... feet: 
Answer: 30 

14. Which hormone is produced when a man is frightened:
Answer: Adrenalin 

15. Ophthalmoscope is a device to examine the inner parts of: 
Answer: Eye 

16. Biopsy test is used to determine: 
Answer: Cancer

17. The image formed on the retina of human eye is: 
Answer: Real and inverted 

18. Dermatologist is specialised in the treatment of: 
Answer: Skin 

19. Which pigment imparts yellow colour to urine: 
Answer: Urochrome 

20. Vitamin helpful for the healing of wounds: 
Answer: Vitamin C 

21. Ciliary Muscles are related to: 
Answer: Eyes 

22. Myology is the study of: 
Answer: Muscles 

23. Amount of water in bone is ........ percent:
Answer: 25 

24. Human muscles contain ...... percent of water: 

25. The theory 'Survival of the fittest' in biology is given by:
Answer: Charles Darwin 
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