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Thursday, 4 February 2016

General Science Biology- 23

396. The nearest ancestor of man is:
(a) Peking man                                 (b) Java Man
(c) Cro-Magnon man                       (d) Neaderthal man
Answer: (d)

397. H1N1 Virus is associated with:
(a) Chikunguniya                                  (b) Swine Flu
(c) Avian Flu                                          (d) Dengue Fever
Answer: (b)

398. Birds can able to recognize their home through:
(a) Memory                             (b) Smell
(c) Eye sight                             (d) Orientation of Magnetic field
Answer: (d)

399. World Wild Life Week is observed on:
(a) First week of Septermber                    (b)  First week of October
(c) First week of November                     (d)  First week of July
Answer: (b)

400. Red Data Book provides data on:
(a) Red flowered plants                                   (b) Red coloured fish
(c) Endangered plants and animals             (d) Red coloured insects
Answer: (c)

401. Ailurophobia is the unnecessary fear of:
(a) Rat                                                                   (b) Insects
(c) Cat                                                                   (d) Dog
Answer: (c)

402. Pasteurisation of milk is:
(a) Heating to 62 degree C                          (b) Heating to 100 degree C
(c) Cooling to -4 degree C                            (d) Cooling to 0 degree C
Answer: (a)

403. Which of the following is a biologically incompatible marriage?
(a) Rh+man and Rh- woman
(b) Rh-man and Rh+ woman
(c) Rh+man and Rh+ woman
(d) Rh-man and Rh- woman
Answer: (a)

404. Who is called as ‘the father of first aid’?
(a) Pravas                                                        (b) Hippocrates
(c) Lug Mongier                                             (d) Dr.Ismark
Answer: (d)

405. AIDS virus has:
(a) Single stranded DNA                            (b) Double stranded DNA
(c) Single stranded RNA                             (d) Double stranded RNA
Answer: (c)

406. Colour blindness can be removed by using:
(a) Convex lens                                              (b) Concave lens
(c) Cylindrical lens                                       (d) None of these
Answer: (d)

407. The vector that transmits Chikunguniya:
(a) Anopheles                                               (b) Aedes aegypti
(c) Mansonoides                                           (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

408. The scientist who discovered the virus causing Chikun Guniya:
(a) Louis Pasteur                                         (b) William Kirk
(c) Christian Bernard                                  (d) W.H.R. Lumsden
Answer: (d)

409. World AIDS Day has been observed since:
(a) 1991                                                           (b) 1986
(c) 1982                                                           (d) 1988
Answer: (d)
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