Saturday, 6 February 2016

General Science Biology- 24

410. Energy to carry out any action of life process is obtained from:
(a) Adenosin triphosphate                 (b) Adenosin diphosphate
(c) Guanosin diphosphate                   (d) Guanosin triphosphate
Answer: (a)

411. The vast portion of the body’s weight is made up of:
(a) Bones                                              (b) Water
(c) Organs                                             (d) Skins, Tissues
Answer: (b)

412. Who created the world’s first implantable artificial kidney?
(a) Arnold Lande                                 (b) Shuvo Roy
(c) Gothen Burg                                    (d) Plax Planck
Answer: (b)

413. While sleeping, a person’s blood pressure ____
(a) increases                                            (b) decreases
(c) no difference                                     (d) zero
Answer: (b)

414. The organ which is primarily concerned with immunity:
(a) Kidney                                                  (b) Liver
(c) Lymphatic tissue                               (d) Thyroid
Answer: (c)

415. Which disease causes the death of the largest number of children in the world?
(a) Malaria                                                   (b) Pneumonia
(c) Dengue fever                                         (d) Viral fever
Answer: (b)

416. The liquid that gives softness to skin and hair:
(a) Sebum                                                          (b) Ptyalin
(c) Melanin                                                        (d) Ribosome
Answer: (a)

417. The cell which is affected by Human Immuno Virus:
(a) Monocyte                                                 (b) Erythrocyte
(c) Limphocyte                                              (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

418. Which bird is called ‘Stupid Bird’?
(a) Emu                                                           (b) Koel
(c) Duck                                                           (d) Ostrich
Answer: (c)

419. The important contractile proteins in a muscle are:
(a) Actin and Myosin
(b) Actin and Tropomyosin
(c) Myosin and Troponin
(d) Troponin and Tropomyosin
Answer: (a)

420. Which of the following organelles is called ‘atom bombs’?
(a) Microtubules                                           (b) Nucleolus
(c) Golgi bodies                                              (d) Lysosome
Answer: (d)

421. Insufficient blood supply in the human body is referred to as:
(a) Ischaemia                                                      (b) Hyperemia
(c) Hemostasis                                                  (d) Haemorrhage
Answer: (a)

422. Which part of the body vibrates when a mosquito makes noise?
(a) Vocal cord                                                      (b) Wing
(c) Leg                                                                    (d) Horn
Answer: (b)

423. The dance of bee is in the shape of which number?
(a) 6                                                                 (b) 9
(c) 8                                                                   (d) 3
Answer: (c)

424. DOT treatment is related to:
(a) Leprosy                                                          (b) Tuberculosis
(c) AIDS                                                                (d) Cancer

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