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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

General Science Biology-3

31. The length of the spinal cord is about
A. 60 cm B. 45 cm
C. 90 cm D. 10 cm
Answer:(b )

32. Rabies is transmitted by
A. bugs                          B. flies
C. infected mad dogs  D. mosquitoes
Answer:(c )

33. The excretory organ of the earthworm is
A. ureter  B. kidney
C. nephron D. nephridium
Answer:( d)

34. The upper heart chambers are called
A. atria B. aorta
 C. artery D. ventricles
Answer:( a)

35. Bees are particularly sensitive to
A. red colour  B. ultraviolet light
C. green colour D. no colour
Answer:(b )

36. AIDS is caused by
A. bacteria B. protozoa
C. virus D. helminth
Answer:( c)

37. The rearing of silkworm is known as
A. apiculture B. sericulture
C. horticulture D. pisciculture
Answer:(b )

38. —— are the blood vessels which carry blood towards the heart.
A. veins B. arteries
C. capillaries D. none of these
Answer:(a )

39. Which vitamin is destroyed by cooking?
A. Vitamin A           B. Vitamin C
C. Vitamin D                 D. Vitamin E
Answer:(b )

40. To which group Dolphins belong?
A. mammals  B. fishes
C. turtles D. amphibians
Answer:(a )

41. Dengue fever is spread by
A. dogs                     B. rats
C. Aedes aegypti         D. anopheles mosquito
Answer:( c)

42. The tusks of an elephant are modified?
A. molars B. pre molars
C. incisors D. canines
Answer:(c )

43. The fungal derivative used in the treatment of tuberculosis is
A. anacin B. aspirin
C. streptomycin D. tetracycline
Answer:(c )

44. ——— pairs of spinal nerves are present in the human body
A. 28                     B. 31
C. 35                   D. 42
Answer:( b)

45. Which planet is known as the Earth’s Twin?
A. Mars                      B. Jupiter
C. Uranus                D. Venus
Answer:(d )

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