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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

General Science Biology- 5

61. Human Heart is enclosed by a sac known as the
(a) Atria (b) Chordae Tendineae
(c) Pericardium (d) Aorta
Answer: (c)

62. Acid Rain is produced by
(a) Excess NOand SO from burning fossil fuels.
(b) Excess production of NH by industries
(c) Excess release of CO by incomplete combustion
(d) Excess formation of CO by combustion and animal respiration
Answer: (a)

63. A bone is connected to muscle with the help of
(a) Ligament (b) Cartilage
(c) Tendon (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

64. Which of the following blood groups enable a person to give to any person?
(a) A (b) B
(c) AB (d) O
Answer: (d)

65. Fluoride pollution mainly affects
(a) Brain (b) Heart
(c) Teeth  (d) Kidney
Answer: (c)

66. Chernobyl nuclear tragedy occurred in
(a) April 1986 (b) August 6, 1945
(c) August 9, 1945 (d) December3, 1984
Answer: (a)

67. About 70% of the total global carbon is found in
(a) Oceans (b) Forests
(c) Grasslands (d) agro ecosystems
Answer: (a)

68. Which of the following is an egg laying mammal?
(a) Kangaroo      (b) Duck-billed Platypus
(c) Penguin       (d) Whale
Answer: (b)

69. Diabetes Insipidus occurs due to the hyposecretion of
(a) Thymosine (b) Oxytocin
(C) Insulin (d) Vasopressin
Answer: (b)

70. “The Inheritance of Acquired Characters” was proposed by
(a) Lamarck (b) Darwin
(c) Wallace  (d) Miller
Answer: (a)

71. The deficiency of Vitamin A causes
(a) Night Blindness(b) Cataract
(c) Rickets (d) Pellagra
Answer: (a)

72. Myopia or Near-sightedness can be corrected by
(a) Biconvex Lens    (b)Cylindrical Lens
(c)Biconcave Lens (d)Surgical removal
Answer: (c)

73. Which is the smallest bone in the body?
(a) Malleus (b) Incus
(c) Stapes (d) Carpal
Answer: (c)

74. Which of the following is an Ozone depleting chemical?
(a) CFC (b) SO
(c) CO  (d) CO
Answer: (a)

75. The 1992 Earth Summit was held in
(a) Paris (b) New York
(c) Rio de Janeiro (d) Kyoto
Answer: (c)

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