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Sunday, 10 January 2016

General Science Biology- 7

96. Bile is stored in?
Answer: Gallbladder

97. World coconut day is celebrated on
Answer: September 2

98. To which category does onion belong?
Answer: Bulb

99. What disease is caused by intake of saturated fats?
Answer: Cardiac problems

100. Our body gets the continues supply of energy through the process called
Answer: Respiration

101. If seeds are ploughed very deep in soil they do not germinate because of
Answer: lack of oxygen

102. What is the function of vitamin B9
Answer: helps the formation of RBC

103. The deficiency disease due to 'VitaminE'
Answer: Sterility or infertility

104. Some animals have a unique method of bringing oxygen directly to the cells. These are
Answer: insects

105. A person will have brown eyes, blue eyes or black eyes depending upon the particular pigment present in the
Answer: iris

106. The transport organic substances in plants is through
Answer: phloem

107. The poverty line for rural areas in India is determined on the basis of minimum average daily consumption of
Answer: 2400 calories

108.     The excess of glucose in the liver stored in form of
Answer: glycogen

109. Which is known as 'Provitamin A'?
Answer: Beta-carotene

110. Which country is known as the 'Sugar Bowl of the world' ?
Answer: Cuba

111. Who discovered Blood circulations
Answer: Willian Harvey

112. The part of the brain which regulates the voluntary action
Answer: Cerebrum

113. Which type of lens is used to correct the defect of vision called Astigmatism
Answer: cylindrical lens

114. The movement of eggs from the ovaries to the uterus proceeds through the
Answer: fallopian tube

115. A true fruit develop from the
Answer: Ovary
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