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Saturday, 13 February 2016

General Science - 11

157. Cathode rays are discovered by _______
Ans: Julius Plucker

158. Anode rays are discovered by ________
Ans: Gold Stein

159. The atomic number is first calculated by _______
Ans: Moseley

160. Neutron was discovered by ______
Ans: James Chadwick

161. The lightest metal is ________
Ans: Lithium

162. Electrum is an alloy of____________
Ans:Gold and Silver

163.In a dry cell _______&_________ act as electrodes
Ans: zinc, carbon

164.___________is the purest form of crystalline rock
Ans; Diamond

165.Rutile is the ore of ___________
Ans: Titanium

166. Galena is the ore of _____________

167.The most common halide by weight in earth crust is _______________
Ans : Flouride

168. Heaviest metal occurring in nature is______________.
Ans: Uranium

169._____________is the purest type of iron  that contains least amount of carbon.
Ans:Wrought Iron

170.When iron rests, its weight _______________
Ans: increases

171.The First Metal Used by man is_________________

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